I got accepted! πŸŽ‰

Hey guys,

After waiting for what felt like the longest period of time in my life, I found out that I got accepted into university-allocated housing in the Netherlands today!

One step closer to independence now!

Unlike in the UK, you don’t live in halls of residence in the first year, but you live in rented accommodation with other students and the rent you have to pay depends on the size, location and furnishing. 

I was very lucky to have applied for university accommodation through the housing office when I did because there was a limited number of students they could help find rooms for, and applying for accommodation through my university seemed a lot easier than trying to negotiate with a private landlord. The idea of having to look at private rooms on many different websites (DUWO, kamernet etc.) seemed incredibly daunting to me, and I much prefer the idea of at least knowing other people in my block in case there is an emergency and I need help. 

If you’re looking into going to university in the Netherlands, and are interested to find out more, then you will find the information on this website really useful: 


I honestly feel immensely relieved after receiving my offer. A lot of people on the university facebook group have been announcing their housing offers from different blocks, and I was starting to worry they had forgotten about me πŸ˜– especially after working out that they were giving offers alphabetically! I was in the car with my mum voicing my concern about the lack of any emails regarding university housing, and actually really winding myself up unnecessarily (as I usually do πŸ˜…) and literally ten minutes later I looked at my phone and realised I had received the email! I couldn’t believe it! It seemed like fate ✨

I can’t wait to meet all my housemates. After many months of uncertainty, I can finally relax and enjoy the time knowing that everything has been sorted.

-Hope x



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