First day in The Hague 😍🙈

Hey guys,

I had a really wonderful day in the Hague today, and it was one of those days that just felt so perfect that it was pretty surreal! 

The day started off with going to Starbucks with my mum, as she gets pretty grumpy with me if she doesn’t get her coffee in the morning(!), so I went in and had my typical hot chocolate and blueberry muffin. The waitress was so nice, asking me why I was here, and after I explained that I was studying here she gave me one of those cards where after you receive a certain number of stamps you receive a free drink! I don’t think I ever got one of those in England! I know it was a small gesture, but they are so welcoming.

After that, we went in to a department store called Bijenkorf which has the most beautiful jewellery ever, far too expensive for me obviously, but I love admiring it as they have plenty of art deco jewellery. I love the building because firstly it has these giant, grey storks made out of stone and they look so majestic lined up in a row as they tower over the city centre and all of the little people walking or on their bikes 😁 And the stained glass windows in the building were absolutely stunning! 

How beautiful is that?? ^^^ 😍😍

I got a text from this point from a guy I had been messaging a bit for the past few months, it was just the way it happened, and he said he was around near to where I was,  so we decided to meet up! Luckily my mum was busy with work and things, so I wasn’t a complete ditcher 😜 he wanted to set up a bank account at this particular bank so we literally spent what felt like three hours trying to find where it was! It was such a fail 😬 but the awesome thing about it was that it gave us a lot of time to get to know each other, and he was such a nice guy! He was awesome and it was soooo nice to click with someone so instantly again 😃 he made me feel a lot better about everything, I’m still nervous, but just knowing that I have one friend out there makes me feel so much better 😃

So tired after walking around for 8 hours, so I really need to crash. Will update you about my flat which I’m signing for on Thursday 😁

-Hope x


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