My new flat! 🏡 

Hey guys,

So yesterday was the day I signed my housing contract and the day I was able to see my place! However, they didn’t make things easy for me…

As I was in the university housing office looking over my contract which explained things such as how to terminate a contract, and that noise disturbance of any kind is not allowed, the woman at the desk explained that she did not have the keys with her(?) and that there would be a caretaker at the house who had the keys and would let me in. This did seem like a rather bizarre arrangment at the time, but I knew how laid-back the Dutch could be, so I thought it would be okay and that the keys would most probably be there. I didn’t even think to ask for the caretaker’s number as she made it seem like he would just generally be around. 

So fast-forward a 30 minutes walk in the blaring Dutch summer heat, find my place, walk up to the door, ring the doorbell, only to find a few minutes later that no one was there! 😭 I felt like such an idiot! Luckily I didn’t have my suitcases with me or I would have been screwed! So I had to walk all the way back to my hotel and phone DUWO (a dutch, student housing office who arranged the tenancy agreement) from my landline which turned out to be a fail so I had to phone my university’s housing office instead. 

Luckily the university did manage to contact him and he said that he would be there in 20 minutes which was perfect as it would take me that amount of time to walk back to my place again. My friend (who I will call H) came with me which was really nice of him and he gave me some company during our wait which turned out to be 40 whole minutes! It really was a pain in the bum. But when the guy from DUWO turned up on his bike (which confused me as I thought he was supposed to be the caretaker) he was very apologetic about the misunderstanding and gave me the keys.

When we got inside, I was absolutely thrilled! As soon as you walk in, you walk up a flight of stairs with the kitchen and dining room to your right and my room is directly ahead on the landing. It was HUGE. Like, way bigger than I was expecting!! I could instantly imagine how all my posters and pictures that I brought with me would look pinned up on the wall and I just started shrieking to myself 😁 I think H thought I was positively mad 😜 

But there was another surprise… There were only 3 rooms instead of the 8 I expected! So it looks like I’m sharing with only two other people. In a way, that’s better, but it still leaves me confused about what happened to the other 5 mysterious roommates. Maybe there were never eight? Who knows? 

One of my roommates, G, is moving in tomorrow so I think I’ll move in at the same time. I’m really excited! I can’t wait to decorate my room 😍😍 I’m also hoping to negotiate about a second-hand chest of drawers too, so we’ll see how it goes 😉

-Hope x

Lesson learned: Don’t get yourself too worked up about the lack of organisation, it’s summer and the Netherlands, and even if it’s a bit frustrating their polite manners make up for a lot 😊


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