My first year is already over..!


Hey guys,

I can’t believe it was 4 months ago that I last updated my blog! So much has happened between then and now that I don’t even know where to begin updating it. In some ways, I feel like I’ve just been through the most tumultuous hurricane and thrown out of the other side where there is now peace and calm. It really feels like either everything either is crazy or is calm so there’s no in-between to rest or reflect.

I finished my exams two days ago and I feel totally exhausted from the experience. I keep having these awful nightmares where I forgot to put my name on the exam and at one point a girl accidentally tipped the water from her water bottle all over my table in the exam! I was relieved to wake up and realise it really was just  nightmare and that it didn’t happen in real life.

It’s insane that this time last year I had been accepted to university here and was thinking about how my life would turn out here in the Netherlands. I think there were a lot of unexpected turns this year, which I’ll go into more detail in my later post, but ultimately I can say without a doubt that this has been an amazing experience for me. Starting university in a foreign country and moving here all at once was surely one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever faced and I think it made me a much stronger person than I’ve ever been. I learned how to be more direct and honest, and take control so that I can achieve the things I want to rather than following other people’s lead. I’ve learned how to be more confident, and to know that who I am is enough.

I can’t wait to get started on writing some more posts again, I’ve really missed blogging. Watch this space!

-Hope x

(credits to @lorazombie for the picture above. She’s awesome and crazy talented!)


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