Hey there! My name is Hope, I’m 19 years old almost turning 20(!) and I’m from the UK. I felt inspired to write a blog about my time in the Netherlands because I think it could not only really help people in the same boat as me but also help other people who are apprehensive about the idea of studying abroad for 3 years and need some sort of encouragement and support. I love running, reading, watching tv (Supernatural and Haven are my faves), art, Instagram and blogging. I would like to keep my blog as anonymous as I can so for that reason I won’t disclose which university I’m attending, but you can always contact me if you’d like to know more.

I really hope that my experience will help some of you out! I hope to write a blog about how to budget, where to eat, where the coolest hangouts are etc etc, but most of my blog will be about my own personal story and my thoughts and feelings through out 🙂 thanks for visiting my page!

-Hope x